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Friday 7 July 2023, 2pm-3pm (BST)

In today’s interconnected world, digital threats are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, posing significant challenges for organisations in every industry.

The digital chaos is seemingly unrelenting thanks in no small part to factors such as the pace of technological change (further accelerated by the recent pandemic), the sudden arrival of AI into the mainstream, the continuing proliferation of data, and digital supply-chain issues leading to new and evolving risks.

In this webinar, Conor and Toni took us through the emerging discipline of privacy-by-design as a core component in managing compliance risks and gaining much-needed visibility into complex digital supply chains.

Whilst it’s not a novel concept, privacy-by-design is gaining more and more momentum as a distinct and specific discipline, thanks to the continued evolution of privacy regulation enforcement agendas, and consumer expectations.

Watch now to learn how privacy-by-design can help you manage compliance risks and gain visibility in your digital supply chains amid increasing digital threats and evolving regulations.

Chaired by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG

Presented by

Conor Hogan (info), Global Practice Director – Data Governance, BSI
Tony Pelli (info), Practice Director, Security and Resilience, BSI

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