2023 Incident Response Report: Lessons from 40 cyber attacks | SASIG
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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Gain profound insights from a year’s worth of incident responses tailored to the unique challenges faced by Wavestone’s clients. Their report sheds light on the cybersecurity landscape and reveals crucial lessons from 40 cyber attacks.

Watch now to discover key highlights and lessons, including:

  • Financial motivations drove a staggering 46% of the attacks, showcasing the persistent allure of profit in cybercrime
  • 42% of incidents exploited valid user accounts, with a focal point on Office 365
  • 77% of ransomware attacks wielded a dual threat, encompassing both data exfiltration and encryption

External alerts on attacks are on the rise, with smaller energy organisations often notified by larger customers

Guest chaired by

Mike Hughes (info), Director, Prism RA

Presented by

Gérôme Billois (info), Partner, Wavestone
Chris Baars (info), Cybersecurity Senior Manager, Wavestone

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