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Thursday 25 January 2024

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As the new year unfolds, it presents an opportunity for reflection and strategic planning. What challenges demand proactive attention, and which issues should we address head-on? This event provides a platform for taking a broader view of the cybersecurity landscape, offering a moment to assess our priorities and take a moment to plan the way ahead.

We explored the top challenges facing CISOs today, encompassing the persistent cyber-attack threats, the intricate balance required to address budget constraints, AI impact, skills shortages, and supply chain security. We also discussed breaking boundaries and redefining thought leadership in cybersecurity and the changing mindset requirements for CISOs.

Presentations on the day included:

Welcome and introductions
Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
Mike Dye, Security Behaviours and Engagement Specialist, BT Group

Panel session: Top challenges facing CISOs today
Facilitated by Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
Ivan Milenkovic, CISO, Webhelp
Ed Parkins (info), Senior Director, Security & Resilience, Colt Data Centre Services
James Moore (info), Founder & CEO, CultureAI
Mark Brown (info), Global Managing Director Digital Trust Consulting, BSI

Breaking boundaries: Redefining thought leadership in cybersecurity
Lee Stephens, Director of Security Advisory Services, BT Group

The psychology of cyber deception and frontier technologies
Dr Francis Gaffney (info), Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University

The changing mindset requirements for CISOs
Tammy Archer (info), CISO, Inchcape

From blame to betterment
David Cartwright, Chief Information Security Officer, Santander International

What is change management?
Philippa Hale, Senior Consultant, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

Fireside chat: What do you need to focus on to be a successful security leader?
Facilitated by Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
With Joe Head (info), Director, Intaso

Lost in transit: Decrypting the cybercriminal playbook left on the bus
Lee Renahan (info), Sales Engineering Lead, Proofpoint

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