The future of AI: Friend or foe? | SASIG
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Tuesday 13 February 2024, 9.30am – 4pm (GMT)

In person – Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Live stream (10am – 3pm)

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Much has been made amongst commentators on AI’s threat to humanity, particularly Generative AI. Indeed, some alarmist predictions are signalling the end of society. However, AI is not new and has been with us through machine learning for decades. As with most technology, the potential benefits far outweigh the negatives if we take the time to step back and understand the challenges and the required responses.

Throughout this event, we explored how AI is poised to revolutionise how organisations operate in cybersecurity and through all aspects of digitallytransformed operations. From enhanced threat detection to proactive risk mitigation, we discussed how AI can be a powerful ally in safeguarding digital assets and addressing modern digital risk management challenges.

Our speakers unravelled the complexities surrounding recent developments in AI standards, impending AI regulations, and their implications for cybersecurity practices. We also provided insights into navigating the regulatory landscape to ensure compliance while harnessing the full potential of AI technologies.

Unfortunately, an AV equipment issue caused poor sound quality during the morning, and we can only apologise to those who joined us online. We resolved the issue during the break, and are pleased to be able to share a recording of the rest of our day. Please log in to watch the recording.

Presentations on the day included:

Welcome and introductions
Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
Mark Brown (info), Global Managing Director Digital Trust Consulting, BSI

Opening keynote: AI as a force for good
Shusma Balaji (info), Data Scientist, BSI

Privacy implications of AI
Stewart Room (info), Global Technology Sector Leader, DWF Law

Panel session: AI in cybersecurity – myth vs reality
Facilitated by Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
David Mudd (info), Global Head Digital Trust Assurance, BSI
David Cook (info), Partner, DLA Piper
Jim Griffiths, Head of Information Security, Associated British Foods (ABF)
Prof Chitra Balakrishna (info), Professor of Cyber Security, The Open University

Panel session: Navigating AI regulations – ensuring compliance and maximising potential
Facilitated by Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG
Mark Thirlwell (info), Managing Director, AI Regulatory Services, BSI
Shervin Nahid (info), Senior Associate, Contentious Digital, Data and Cyber, DLA Piper

Tackling the burnout crisis and supporting our neurodivergent cyber teams
Jasmine Eskenzi (info), CEO & Co-Founder, The Zensory
Holly Foxcroft (info), Head of Neurodiversity in Cyber Research, Stott & May

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