The evolution of cloud attacks: Building a modern cloud defence | SASIG
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Wednesday 15 May 2024, 11am-12noon (BST)

Murky and cryptic details of cloud breaches and threats fill our cybersecurity news. Sorting through the limited information provided can often lead to even more confusion around the source and solution to these threats.

To build an effective cloud defence strategy, it is important to understand the nature of how you will be attacked.

In this session, John Pease, EMEA Cloud Team Lead for SentinelOne, provided an in-depth look at the changing cloud threat landscape.

He covered:

  • How cloud breaches have evolved to where they are today.
  • Real techniques and tactics that can be used to form your defence.
  • The latest trends of cloud threat actors.


Guest chaired by

Ian Hancocks (info), Commercial Director, Financial Edge


Presented by

John Pease (info), EMEA Cloud Team Lead, SentinelOne

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