The evolution of compliance: Navigating digital trust, AI ethics, and ISO standards | SASIG
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Tuesday 4 June, 11am-12noon (BST)

Embark on a transformative journey through the evolution of compliance with esteemed thought leaders Stephen Scott, Conor Hogan, and Paul Milton from BSI Consulting. In this immersive panel session, they guided us through a seamless integration of digital trust, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and critical compliance standards – ISO 27001, NIST, and PCI.

Stephen laid the foundation by delving into the pivotal realms of NIST and PCI compliance. With his wealth of experience, Stephen will illuminate the intricacies of these standards, offering insights into bolstering cybersecurity defences and ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory frameworks.

Conor lead the discussion on AI and privacy. From the boardrooms to the factory floors, AI is reshaping industries, and Conor guided us through the intricate process of ensuring these technologies comply with standards, steering clear of ethical pitfalls and managing evolving privacy developments. From ensuring compliance standards to navigating ethical dilemmas, Conor outlined the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain insights into the transformative potential of AI while staying ethically grounded.

Paul brought his expertise to the forefront by shedding light on critical aspects of ISO 27001 compliance. With a focus on fortifying information security management systems, Paul provided actionable strategies to enhance digital trust and navigate the complexities of ISO compliance.

However, this panel session transcends individual expertise – it’s about the convergence of ideas, perspectives, and strategies. Together, Stephen, Conor, and Paul unveiled the interconnectedness of digital trust, cybersecurity, AI, and compliance standards.

Through dynamic discussions and real-world examples, this panel equipped us with practical insights to navigate the complexities of compliance in today’s digital age.

Watch the recording for an enlightening conversation that seamlessly merges diverse topics, paving the way for a future where compliance isn’t just a mandate – it’s a cornerstone of organisational resilience and success.

Guest chaired by

Craig Botwin (info), Director – Global Privacy, Enterprise Holdings


Presented by

Conor Hogan (info), Global Practice Director – Data Governance, BSI Consulting
Stephen Scott (info), Regional Practice Director Specialising in Digital Risk Advisory, BSI Consulting
Paul Milton (info), Practice Manager, Digital, Risk & Advisory Management, BSI Consulting

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