Unlocking business growth: Secrets to cybersecurity success | SASIG
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Thursday 6 June 2024, 11am-12noon (BST)

In this session, Tim demonstrated how cybersecurity is more than just a proactive measure – it is a business growth asset.

“If I were to start a business today, I’d use security to help me grow.”

Correctly positioning your cybersecurity infrastructure with internal and external stakeholders will build trust and brand loyalty, increasing board buy-in and new business contract wins.

With over two decades of expertise in business development and defining the added business value cybersecurity brings to the table, Tim provided first-hand case study examples of effective cyber positioning in action and left us with valuable takeaway actions to start implementing this strategy today.


Guest chaired by

Sharon Penfold (info), Director of Technology Transformation, De Montfort University


Presented by

Tim Anderson (info), CCO, e2e-assure

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