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Tuesday 18 June 2024, 2pm-3pm (BST)

With the increasing complexity of hybrid cloud infrastructures, it has become essential for organisations to have a clear understanding of their inventory to manage and mitigate risks effectively. By adopting a risk-based approach supported by real-time visibility, organisations can enhance their resilience to potential threats and streamline their risk management processes.

In this session, Sudarsan will walk us through some of the challenges in prioritising risks, such as vulnerabilities, anomalies, and identities, and delve into the critical importance of real-time visibility into an organisation’s hybrid cloud inventory. He will shed light on the significance of accurately prioritising risk and how organisations can achieve this even with limited resources.

Join us for advice on best practices and solutions to address specific challenges related to cyber asset inventory, think about prioritising risk. and eventually put guardrails with continuous monitoring in place. This will help address problems related to speed, context and precision when it comes to your security, risk and compliance operations.

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Guest chaired by

Lesley Charteris (info), Independent


Presented by

Sudarsan Kannan (info), Director of Product Management, Uptycs

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