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4 October 2018

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We would be delighted if you could join us for an evening of networking. Presenter Bankie Williams will divulge secret SAS plans and tactics behind rescue mission 'Operation Nimrod' during the terrorist siege on the Iranian Embassy in London, back in April 1980.

About this event

On 30 April 1980, six armed terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London. Twenty-six embassy staff, including a two-man BBC sound crew, were taken hostage. After a second hostage was murdered the Metropolitan Police handed the resolution of the siege and the rescue of the remaining hostages over to the SAS – Operation Nimrod.

Many will remember this event as it was captured on TV and beamed live into our homes. But the world only saw a few shadowy figures of this clandestine unit – widely regarded as being ‘the elite of the elite’ of Special Forces organisations. Indeed, many of the world’s special-forces have modelled themselves on the SAS and the SAS has trained many of our allies’ Special Forces units.

Some of the secrets to be revealed:

• What was the SAS mission?
• What deception methods did they use?
• Why did the CEO over-rule the plan?
• How else was the mission compromised?
• How did Heathrow airport fit in?

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