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Thursday 3 July 2018

At previous SASIG workshops we have looked at the nature and potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) including its qualities and strengths, its darker side, how secure is it, how do we protect our privacy, and just how far are we able to trust it?

About this event...

Moving the debate forward, we will now consider the development and growth of artificial intelligence (AI) as demonstrated by machines. Devices increasingly perceive their environment and take actions that maximise their chance of successfully achieving their goals, including learning and problem-solving

AI can undoubtedly provide organisations with better cyber defence tools and techniques, but it can also be harnessed by adversaries to improve their methods of attack.

Topics covered:

In this workshop we will provide SASIG members with a better understanding of:

  • The current and potential capabilities of AI and – when combined with IoT – machine learning and anomaly detection.
  • How these emerging technologies will come to affect their business models and processes

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