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Wednesday 26 August, 11am-12noon (BST)

In the new cybersecurity approach of ‘Offense in Depth’, what exactly are the predictors of Exposure, Warning, and Attack indicators? We wade through insight based on use cases, using threat hunting techniques and identifying related attack attributes. We continue to trudge through the tsunami of threat intelligence to pick out the actionable.

So in this presentation, we’ll explore the value of identifying various data points in cyberspace and leveraging them to pivot from one attack attribute to another. We discuss how attackers choose and view a potential target in cyberspace. We’ll also look at how we can significantly reduce our chances of becoming a target and consider if the offensive defence really does solve our cybersecurity problems.


Chaired by

Jim Griffiths (info), Senior Manager for IS Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, British Sugar


Presented by

Mirza Asrar Baig (info), Founder & CEO of CTM360


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