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The unprecedented switch to a fully virtual workforce that no one thought was possible

Created from a poll of Global Risk, Technology and Human Resources Leadership Teams, Leathwaite have created a survey report of how the coronavirus pandemic has facilitated, created, and accelerated our transition to a remote workforce.

In a time of unprecedented disruption, the industry leaders believe that the pace of change in under 3 months, operationally implemented in under 3 weeks, would likely have taken closer to 3 years in normal circumstances.

In this report, available here, they cover a range of topics asked of the leaders, including:

  • is Covid-19 the remote working catalyst?
  • pre-pandemic and transition state of work
  • redefining productivity
  • what’s working, and what’s not


Find out the facts of the transition to a remote working environment by downloading the report now.


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Download “3 Years in 3 Months: The impact of Covid-19 on remote working”


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