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Since the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK on the 31st January 2020, the pandemic has established itself as one of the defining events of the 21st century.  With visible and impactful ripples across all industries, the short and long-term effects are likely be felt by all industries. 

But how has it affected (and will it affect) the front line of the cybersecurity industry?

To answer this question, in May-June 2020 the SASIG and ESET ran a survey of senior cybersecurity individuals drawn from the SASIG membership, and asked them a number of questions focussed on:

  • Our readiness and preparedness for a pandemic/event of this size
  • The challenges and implications of the necessary migration to remote working
  • How Covid-19 will impact security budgets
  • How many of the implemented changes will remain in place


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Download the report: The real impact of Covid-19 on the cybersecurity front line


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