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Monday 27 April 2020

“We are, as the news tell us every day, facing unprecedented times for people, for businesses and for the family environment. In our lifetime we have not seen the likes of a pandemic which has hit hard, not just at the business community, but also our friends, families and colleagues. Many of us are now working from home, an environment unfamiliar to some. We are bombarded with negativity over social media and the news and this all goes to heighten anxiety and uncertainty in both our personal and business lives.

Now is a time more than ever, to engage with our mental health rather than disengage. If we expect our businesses to be robust and survive, there is obviously the financial aspect we need to consider. But more importantly there are our people and right now, many will feel frightened, isolated, uncertain and worried about the future and what it holds. In this conversation, we will discuss these challenges, and how better we may all help ourselves, our families and our teams to prevail this crisis.

Liz Murray Global Education and Awareness Specialist, HSBC
Liz joined HSBC in 2018 after a 21-year military career. She is passionate about embracing human factors-based inclusive education to create and enhance a cyber-aware protective culture. Personal experience underpins her passion for improving mental health understanding in ourselves and that seen in others. A mental health first aider, suicide first aider and diversity and inclusivity champion, Liz is a qualified Suicide First Aid Tutor to help widen prevention.

Tim Boughton KCN GCM Founder, The Eleos Partnership
Following a long military career, 10 years in the City and through his own experiences of mental health, Tim has spent 10 years providing a platform that others may be heard. He is widely recognised as a leading authority in the mental health space and has mentored many people with mental health issues across the whole social and economic strata. He is passionate about how we understand mental health and well-being and how leadership and mindfulness play a part in that. Using examples through his own journey he explains how we each may work to achieving a resilient state (and in some cases post traumatic growth) to help us achieve our goals in life.`

Chaired by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG


Presented by

Liz Murray Global Education and Awareness Specialist, HSBC
Tim Boughton KCN GCM Founder, The Eleos Partnership


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