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Friday 28 May 2021, 3pm-4.30pm (BST)

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Our May Academy series looks at how to assess cyber health and risks.

Hackers gain access to systems by exploiting a series of vulnerabilities in their escalation to achieving data theft or destruction. A concept widely known as the ‘kill chain’, it is best represented by a pyramid where the available surface area (or systems) that are exploited at each level narrows on their approach to targeted services, network(s), user rights and behaviours, and ultimately – data. Although there is a greater risk of exploitation at the lower tiers, it is spread out. Yet at higher levels, it is more focused – and has more impact that leads to damage.

This paradigm of cyber risk provides a context for assessing the health of an organisation’s cybersecurity.

Our final session focuses on identifying common cyber risks from the uppermost layers, ‘users’ and ‘data’, and provides an overview of the methods for assessing cyber heath. It will include scripts, demonstrations, and data analysis techniques – as well as references useful for collating information.


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Presented by

Shane Shook, PhD (info), Chief Security Advisor, Secrutiny


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