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Wednesday 3 November 2021, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Shift left! As businesses, we push ourselves to outpace our competition. We are delivering software and services at an ever-increasing rate. But unless security is built into the early stages of the software development lifecycle, we and our organisations could find ourselves facing security vulnerabilities, or even worse, appearing in the media for the wrong reasons.

In this webinar, Sean Wright, Principal Application Security Engineer at Immersive Labs, discusses why application security is more critical than ever and the consequences of inadequate AppSec practices.

We look at:

  • How application security is relevant to the modern software development lifecycle
  • Real-world examples where a lack of AppSec has led to real-world security incidents
  • Solutions to help improve application security within your own software development lifecycle

And much more…

Guest chaired by

Amanda Coleman (info), Director, Amanda Coleman Communication

Presented by

Sean Wright (info), Principal Application Security Engineer, Immersive Labs

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