Measuring security behaviours at work: The tips, tricks, and pitfalls! | SASIG
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Monday 13 June 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)

The security awareness and training (SA&T) market has been stagnant for too long. The last major disruption was the introduction of phishing simulations a decade ago.

Since then, the industry has seen a slow and steady evolution from ticking boxes to meet a web of uninspiring requirements imposed by frameworks and regulations to ‘better’ content and ‘more’ ways to assess people via games, simulations, quizzes, and other legacy techniques.

Transformational CISOs and security teams are, mercifully, realising the old ways of approaching the human element aren’t working. They are looking for more.

In this webinar, we discover how to truly manage human cyber risk.

We focused on the real question: “How do I manage and measure behaviour change, and instil a security culture?”

Guest chaired by

Louise Bennett, Director, Digital Policy Alliance

Presented by

Munya Hoto (info), Chief Marketing Officer, CybSafe

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