Defending with an attacker’s mindset | SASIG
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Wednesday 2 November 2022, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Social engineering is king. And email is the primary delivery vector.

It’s easier to find someone who will click than to find an exploit for an operating system. The attacker simply needs to know who has access to the data they want, then get creative.

The organisation chart is the new zero-day — and today, it’s publicly available on social media.

Most security teams don’t have the same perspective that the threat actors do — they think of their attack surface in terms of VLAN and IP address, instead of department or job title.

Effective defence comes when you can anticipate your attackers’ moves. By combining threat landscape insights with data on which of your users are targeted with which threats, organisations can build more effective security awareness training programs, and users can better defend themselves from the threats they are most likely to see.

Guest chaired by

Ellie Warner (info), Global Head, Cyber Training and Awareness, Standard Chartered Bank

Presented by

Lee Renahan (info), Systems Engineer, Proofpoint

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