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Friday 10 February 2023

Russia’s soldiers brought their parade ground uniforms to the Special Military Operation, anticipating a quick victory.

This war has transformed, however, and is now closing in on its first anniversary. The level of attrition in terms of lives lost, equipment destroyed, and villages, towns and cities devastated, has exceeded the most pessimistic of predictions.

We have yet to realise the full economic and political impact.

As winter sets in, both sides probe each other’s defence in preparation for offensives once spring arrives. Increasingly, this looks to be a long war and not just for Ukraine’s future, but Europe’s too.

Can critical Western support for Ukraine stay the course? What have we learnt about fighting a war in the 21st Century from the last 12 months? What has it revealed about the use of data, urban conflict, communications, information, and the so-called ‘Grey Zone’ of which cyber is a key domain? And what should we expect next?

Watch this webinar to hear our panel of experts to discuss this further.

Chaired and facilitated by

Tarquin Folliss OBE (info), Vice Chairman, The SASIG


Lisa Forte (info), Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security
Rob Black (info), Lecturer of Information Activities, Cranfield University
Anthony King (info), Professor of War Studies, Warwick University

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