Phishing simulations: The controversial ‘awareness’ programme | SASIG
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Monday 12 June 2023, 11am-12noon (BST)

Phishing simulations and testing is a hotly debated subject. Last time we spoke about it (you can watch the recording here), we could have continued for hours, so we held another webinar to continue the conversation which you can watch now. 

Phishing simulations can vary wildly – they may be simple, sophisticated, or somewhere in between. But what do we hope to achieve by sending them to our colleagues?

  • Should you punish those who ‘fail’ and praise those who ‘pass’?
  • What should we do about persistent clickers?
  • What are the pros and cons of giving advanced warnings for phishing simulations?
  • If we’re going to use them, how do we make sure they’re a learning opportunity, not a check-box exercise?
  • Is there a better option? Or should we just stop altogether?

Watch now as we shared our thoughts on phishing sims, what we should do with those who engage with them, and how to manage board expectations

Guest chaired by

Louise Bennett (info), Director, Digital Policy Alliance

Facilitated by

Gareth Thomas (info), Education and Awareness Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group


Tim Ward (info), CEO & Co-founder, Think Cyber
Lee Cramp (info), DPO, DRO and Information Security, Department of Health and Social Care
Jenny Weegram (info), Phishing Simulations Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

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