Making your organisation more resilient: What can we learn from NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)? | SASIG
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Friday 1 December 2023

The UK Government has cybersecurity guidance for organisations responsible for Critical National Infrastructure and vitally important services, but how can this guidance be applied to all organisations?

Watch now as Carl showed us how organisations of all sizes can be inspired to improve their security posture and resilience based on the guiding principles of the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF). Whether you help to secure a hospital trust, ensure the supply of electricity to citizens, or seek to secure your manufacturing firm, Carl will break down the guidance to allow you to see where you could improve.

We discussed:
• What is the CAF and how it can be useful?
• What are the key guiding principles and why do those matter?
• How you can practically move to a Green in the Indicators of Good Practice (IGP) table.
• What lifelines are available to support your internal changes?

Guest chaired by

Simon Mair (info), Chief Information Security Officer, National Bank of Kuwait

Presented by

Carl Leonard (info), Cybersecurity Strategist, Proofpoint

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