How generative AI will affect your supply chain security | SASIG
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Monday 26 February 2024

OpenAI’s LLM, ChatGPT, swiftly became the most popular app of all time when it was introduced in late 2022. It has the highest growing user base in history, and is already impacting nearly every industry. In some cases, adoption is an informed choice to integrate LLMs into business workflows, in others, it is indirect use through integrated systems.

As with any new technology, in addition to the many new opportunities, such as productivity gains and further scope for innovation, there come added cybersecurity risks. Cybersecurity professionals are, in many ways, the first line of defence against the already discernible risks of LLMs, which will likely only increase in severity as these technologies and integrations advance.

Watch now as the CEO of Risk Ledger, Haydn Brooks discussed the impact that generative AI is having on supply chain security and gave active recommendations on how to mitigate these risks.

Guest chaired by

Professor Chitra Balakrishna (info), Professor of Cyber Security, The Open University

Presented by

Haydn Brooks (info), CEO, Risk Ledger

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