Cyber insights: An insider view of red teaming and pen-testing | SASIG
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Wednesday 27 March, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Gain an understanding of how threat actors operate in this webinar with S-RM’s offensive security team as they demonstrate a common attack and highlight the proactive steps your organisation can take to fully understand your vulnerability to real-world threats through attack simulations.

Could a threat actor gain a foothold on your internal network? Once inside, what kind of damage could they do? These are the types of questions that Red Teams set out to answer – but how exactly do they work?

Watch now to:

  • Learn the difference between red teaming and pen-testing, and the benefits of both
  • See how an attack simulation is set up and run
  • Watch an assumed breach unfold
  • Understand the positive outcomes from red team exercising

Who is this aimed at?

  • Business leaders responsible for cybersecurity in their organisation
  • IT and security professionals looking to understand offensive security
Guest chaired by

Dr Chitra Balakrishna (info), Professor of Cybersecurity, The Open University

Presented by

Jill Ferron (info), Head of Offensive Security, S-RM
James Taylor (info), Red Team Lead, S-RM

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