From telemetry to transformation: Measuring and mitigating human risk | SASIG
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Monday 29 April 2024, 11am-12noon (BST)

The core principles of traditional security awareness and training programmes (awareness, knowledge, education and training) are focused on compliance. Which is why they are not enough to change users’ security behaviours in a sustainable way.

It makes sense in terms of ticking obligatory boxes, but doesn’t actually tackle the issue at hand: that cyber risk is fundamentally a human issue.

We learned how to:

  • Unpack pain points and limitations of traditional security awareness training (SA&T)
  • Quantify cyber risk in more human terms of likelihood and impact
  • Translate risk metrics into actionable insights for business stakeholders


Guest chaired by

Ameet Jugnauth (info), Technology and Cyber Risk Transformation Lead, Ardagh Group


Presented by

Munya Hoto (info), VP Marketing, CybSafe

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