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Tuesday 23 July 2024, 9.30am – 3pm (BST)

In person – Port Sunlight, Liverpool

In association with

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace. The emergence of AI in the popular imagination – thank you, ChatGPT! – has raised the spectre of machines replacing humans to the point of our extinction, but Skynet is not here yet, nor will it be for the foreseeable future. People will always be important in the risk equation. How we address the rise of machines has become a perennial question for society. How do we improve our awareness of the increasing threats in cyberspace? How do we identify and develop the new skills emerging technology demands? And how do we change our mindset to better prepare ourselves as organisations and individuals for the worst while continuing to hope for the best?

We are delighted our SASIG of the North is once again hosted by Unilever in the historic and beautiful surrounds of Port Sunlight, which exemplifies why people matter. We’re also opening this event to non-SASIG members. Our speakers and panellists will consider how we can take the initiative on skills, make ourselves more resilient, and normalise incidents to tackle them more effectively. We will look at recently adopted technologies, their insecure legacies, how we can best mitigate this, and why the fundamentals of digital hygiene remain a constant that we must aspire to achieve.

SASIG of the North was originally planned for Thursday 9 May, but was rescheduled due to industrial action on the rail networks. The event will now take place on Tuesday 23 July.

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Please note, there will be no live stream or recording available.

Presentations on the day include:

Welcome and introductions
Tarquin Folliss OBE (info), Vice Chairman, The SASIG
Charlie Sinclair (info), Cyber Security Senior Awareness & Engagement Manager, Unilever

Opening keynote: The history of Unilever
Matthew Powell, Director of Cyber Centre of Excellence, Unilever

Fake IDs & bad behaviour: Does cyber maturity contain determined attackers?
Dominic Carroll (info), Director of Portfolio, e2e-assure

Meet the North West Cyber Resilience Centre
DI Dan Giannasi (info), Head of Cyber and Innovation, North West Cyber Resilience Centre

CNAPP for the hybrid cloud security
Mark McDaid (info), EMEA Channel Business Manager, Uptycs

Creating a strong in-market cyber presence
Rosse O’Neill (info), Business Information Security Officer (BISO), Corporate Functions and AI, Unilever

We are the champions
Charlie Sinclair (info), Cyber Security Senior Human Risk Manager, Unilever
Tom Pool, Culture Change and Engagement Lead, Unilever

Panel session: Incident management – Preparation makes perfect
Facilitated by Tarquin Folliss OBE (info), Vice Chairman, The SASIG
DI Dan Giannasi (info), Head of Cyber and Innovation, North West Cyber Resilience Centre
Ted Cowell (info), Director, S-RM
Emma Jones (info), Principal Consultant – Readiness Services Team, EMEA & APJ, CrowdStrike
Dai Davis, Partner, Percy Crow Davis & Co

Panel session: Developing resilience through your workforce
Facilitated by Tarquin Folliss OBE (info), Vice Chairman, The SASIG
Kerry Harrison (info), Digital Skills Partnership Coordinator, Lancashire Enterprise Partnership
Caroline Palmer (info), Security Engagement Manager, BT Group
Florian Pouchet (info), Head of Cybersecurity & Operational Resilience UK, Wavestone
Robert O’Brien (info), Founder and CEO, MetaCompliance

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

All SASIG events operate under the Chatham House Rule and there is no charge to attend. Refreshments and lunch will be kindly provided by our hosts.

If you are a member of ISACA, ICA or The Security Institute, you can earn CPE/CPD points for attending our events live/in person. Remember to log your attendance with your provider to be credited.

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