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Friday 21 February 2020

There is no charge to attend any SASIG event.

The Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation delivers a fresh and engaging approach to cybersecurity. This exercise is a valuable experience to staff of all organisations from any sector, placing participants into a simulated business environment. Up to five teams of eight SASIG delegates each (mixed together at random) will work together to face a series of unexpected cyber threats. Each team has to take strategic, managerial and technical decisions using their problem-solving, collaboration, leadership and communication skills. As players proceed through a sequence of events, they will need to consider at each stage the security priorities against the business cost of a realistic cyberattack, to both maximise profit and maintain confidence.

In this masterclass of how joined-up thinking is critical to an organisation’s approach during such incidents, Lee will talk participants through the technical aspects that should be evaluated and guide participants through the implications of the choices that are made.

Attendees will leave having benefited from:
• Learning about current and emerging cyberthreats
• Understanding the typical mistakes companies make when building their cybersecurity and incident response procedures
• Realising the knock-on impact of decisions on operations and profitability
• The cooperation that is needed between business and security teams to help maintain stable operations and sustainability to cyberthreats
• Understanding the real role of cybersecurity in business continuity and profitability


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