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Wednesday 14 October, 11am-12noon (BST)

Few organisations are immune to the effects of legacy systems in their environments; with the risk posed by improperly securing them wide and continually increasing. Keeping legacy systems, which are often business-critical, up to date has been a concern the past few years. Still, it has become more prevalent as the pandemic changes how companies do business.

We all know how hard dealing with the standard estate is; let alone when apps cannot support new OS, hardware will not support the next version, or we can’t stop the production line. And now we have a potential working from home challenge that could accelerate legacy. Here is the conundrum; you cannot just do nothing!

So, the question is – how can we reduce this risk? How do we keep the business-critical legacy parts secure? In this session, we explore how to track and reassess our legacy environments to determine the process needed to make them secure.


Facilitated by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG


Presented by

Deepak Shukla (info), Technical Services Director, Secrutiny


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