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Wavestone’s CERT-Wavestone incident response report

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Uncover the key trends and lessons learned in incident response.

In 2023, the CERT-Wavestone (incident response) team handled almost 40 major cybersecurity incidents for large companies or public organisations. And for 16 of these, a dedicated team was set up to support crisis management.

This report covers the key trends in incident response and the lessons learned:

  • The main motivation for attacks remains profit, accounting for 46% of incidents managed. Ransomware is still the most common extortion method.
  • The main entry point for attackers is still the fraudulent use of valid accounts. Among the compromises, Office 365 accounts are strongly represented.
  • Opportunistic attacks dominate the sample (77%). In addition to ransomware, they also target the sensitive data of victim organisations, with disclosure as the preferred pressure tactic.
  • Tomorrow’s challenges are already visible: the ability to decouple IS in an emergency, preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games and the influence of Artificial Intelligence.
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Download the report: CERT-Wavestone incident response report

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