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This is the first in our series of thought-provoking, myth-busting, jargon-free sessions on a business-critical topic that affects and involves all of us in the security business. 

Watch now as we look at change management in more detail, with practical takeaways for all.

From the neuroscience, physiology and psychology of change – discover what you need to know to be able to handle the process of changing yourself and helping others.  

Change isn’t always met with resistance, so how do we harness the good without triggering the bad? Learn how to be honest about the challenges, open to the benefits, and confident to let go of old ways and experiment with the new.

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Guest chaired by

Liz Murray (info), Enterprise Customer Success Manager, CybSafe

Presented by

Philippa Hale (info), Senior Consultant, Independent
Laura Dawson (info), Chair of the Board, Charity IT Leaders

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