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Monday 11 March, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Watch the series of thought-provoking, myth-busting, jargon-free sessions on a business-critical topic that affects and involves all of us in the security business. 

We will clarify what change management is, the bones of the steps involved, and why doing it well is critical for us as people, for our profession, and for our wider organisation’s very survival.

At our Thought Leadership event on Thursday 25 January, we followed the story of an organisation that experienced a security breach a few years ago. 

Some awareness raising was done at the time, plus some policy and process changes, while infosec had the ear of senior management. It didn’t result in consistent change in attitudes towards security or ways of working, though. Now, most people have forgotten, moved on, or are new to the organisation.

People are overloaded with changes coming at them from all over their organisations. How can we be heard over all this noise? And what’s at stake if we don’t get this right?

Bringing it all together

Organisations these days, more than ever, depend for their very survival on their people’s ability to take change in their stride.

In the context of a busy, noisy organisation, how best do we bring the best practices of change management into everything we and our teams do? How do we measure success in ways that people care about? 

And critically, how do we ensure that the organisation, and all the people in it, become good at managing change, and removing the friction and frustrations of badly managed change?

Also in this series:

How change affects us as individuals
Change management for and across teams
Change management across our whole organisation


Guest Chaired by

Stuart Frost BEM (info), Head of Enterprise Security & Risk Management, DWP

Presented by

Philippa Hale (info), Senior Consultant, Independent
Laura Dawson (info), Chair of the Board, Charity IT Leaders

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