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2023 Incident Response Report: Lessons from 40 cyber attacks

Watch now to discover insights from a year’s worth of incident responses, including motivations behind attacks, the staggering percentage of ransomware attacks wielding dual threats of both exfiltration and encryption, and why smaller organisations are often notified of incidents by their larger customers.

Shaping cybersecurity strategies: Take a page from the hacker's playbook

By applying attackers’ methods to our defensive operations, we can take back the first-more advantage when it comes to incidents. We discuss the ever-changing threat landscape, how to keep up to date with emerging vulnerabilities, and how we can turn this into actionable threat intelligence.

Hacking from the hotel & other red team war stories

Watch now for a fascinating insight into the world of hacking and breaches from a red teamer who has never been caught. Discover real-world exercises, key skills for successful breaches, lessons CISOs and CSOs should learn, high assurance tips, and some of the biggest mistakes made by organisations.

QR code phishing: The attack in your users’ inboxes

Watch now for an exclusive insight into this massive phishing exploitation. Discover how forward-thinking enterprises uncover the elusive attacks that slip past secure email gateways and native security. You’ll also learn how to pre-emptively identify and thwart phishing threats in the era of AI-powered cyber warfare.

Deep dive into romance fraud and victim blaming

This recording is audio only. If you’ve bought from an advert, succumbed to a special offer, or upgraded because of a salesperson, you have been manipulated. But romance fraud victims are often belittled and blamed for falling foul. Listen now as we discussed scammers’ techniques as well as how to reduce stigma and ultimately limit their pool of targets.

Unveiling scale: How hackers exploit generative AI to craft phishing scams

With the help of AI-driven tools, phishing scams can be executed on an unprecedented scale. We explore hackers’ intricate tactics, including how they impersonate trusted entities across industries and exploit vulnerabilities, as well as how machine learning can help spot the attacks bypassing our defences.

Vulnerabilities: Are we accidentally paving the way for cyber attacks?

We explore the evolving market for vulnerability trading and examine whether companies are potentially creating their own weaknesses. Learn what ESET discovered when they tested decommissioning processes, including what critical data from the previous owner was still accessible and open to abuse.

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