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Reviewing role-based access control challenges and attack scenarios

Dive into a real-world attack scenario which exploited default deployment settings in a managed Azure Kubernetes environment and leveraged privilege escalation to access pods and services. Learn about attacker techniques, the dangers of privilege escalation, and how to address vulnerabilities in deployments.

Transforming the security operations centre: A paradigm shift

SOC transformation has never been more pressing. Adversaries leverage sophisticated tactics to execute attacks in mere minutes, but our traditional frameworks struggle to keep pace. What can we do to allow our teams to focus on critical issues and reduce alert fatigue? It starts with a strategic shift in operations.

Unlocking business growth: Secrets to cybersecurity success

In this session, Tim will provide first-hand case study examples of effective cyber positioning in action, leave you with valuable takeaway actions to implement, and demonstrate how cybersecurity is more than just a proactive measure - it's a business growth asset.

2023 Incident Response Report: Lessons from 40 cyber attacks

Watch now to discover insights from a year’s worth of incident responses, including motivations behind attacks, the staggering percentage of ransomware attacks wielding dual threats of both exfiltration and encryption, and why smaller organisations are often notified of incidents by their larger customers.

Shaping cybersecurity strategies: Take a page from the hacker's playbook

By applying attackers’ methods to our defensive operations, we can take back the first-more advantage when it comes to incidents. We discuss the ever-changing threat landscape, how to keep up to date with emerging vulnerabilities, and how we can turn this into actionable threat intelligence.

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