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Boosting security habits by leveraging real-time learning opportunities

How do we make sure our employees actually act on what we teach them? Watch now to discover how your campaigns can be boosted by real-time, on-the-job learning opportunities, and why these are instrumental in fostering good security habits. Improve your organisation's risk posture and take training to a whole new level.

See what you’re missing: Modelling your attack surface in three easy steps

System complexity is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Join us to explore the process of creating an inventory, constructing a model of your tech landscape, and elevating your security posture. You’ll learn about proactive threat detection, automated compliance analysis, and streamlined security change processes.

The evolution of security operations to meet future cyber regulation

The concept of effective SecOps is continually evolving and has moved beyond just having a SOC or a SIEM system. Join us to explore how your organisation can enhance security operations to not only improve your overall security maturity, but also remain compliant with existing and future regulations.

Operational Technology: The latest battlefield in the ongoing cyber war

Critical infrastructure relies on operational technology, making it a high-value target for cybercriminals. A successful attack can cause major disruption. We’ll use a real-world example to demonstrate the key principles behind OT security monitoring and how to detect and respond to unseen dangers.

Cyber insights: An insider view of red teaming and pen-testing

Watch now to learn proactive steps your organisation can take to fully understand your vulnerability to real world threats. You’ll see an attack simulation being set up and run, watch an assumed breach unfold, look at the difference between red teams and pen-testing, and how they actually work.

Finding a middle ground in MDR

Bringing in external managed detection and response (MDR) or creating an internal team needs a lot of thought. For some, a 24/7/365 service may seem out of reach. Watch now as we outlined what detection and response really is and some of the fundamentals that will help you find what works for your organisation.

Educate your executives to own and drive cybersecurity

Engaging your C-Suite and getting them to actively participate in cybersecurity issues has been a challenge for decades. Watch now to learn how to educate your senior executives in a stimulating, self-driven way, so they become confident to get involved in unfamiliar and daunting topics (such as cybersecurity!).

Defending the future: A masterclass in breach resilience

Despite alarming predictions, UK executives still prioritise cyber-attack recovery over prevention. Watch now as we explored how privacy-by-design can help manage compliance risks and digital supply chains, as well as how to focus on a strategic framework that integrates self-awareness and risk-based security.

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