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How to maintain segmentation compliance with a hybrid infrastructure

It’s easy to assume the cloud is too dynamic for network segmentation, and as a mix of cloud and on-premise networks become more prevalent, we must look at how we handle them and remain compliant. Watch now to learn about managing zones across hybrid infrastructure and using these to understand your security posture.

The laws of cybersecurity management

After 30 years working in the digital environment to manage network fraud, conduct OSINT research and deliver training, Mark joined us and discussed what he’s learnt. He covered crisis response, competence, digital security, AI, and cryptocurrency. Watch now for what was certainly a thought-provoking conversation.

New year, new priorities: 3 questions to ask at the start of 2023

The evolving threat landscape, the importance of establishing a baseline, and how to decide where to invest your resources are all explored in this New Year session. These themes are intertwined with solutions to the common blockers for creating a secure culture. Watch now to start 2023 on the right path.

Every cloud has an unsecure lining

Our widespread adoption of cloud services and our need to share knowledge rapidly provide endless opportunities for information to end up in the wrong hands. In this webinar we review the common issues, share how to educate your organisation, and look at OSINT techniques for red-teamers and bug-bounty hunters.

Live crisis simulation: Building the trust to make your workforce cyber resilient

Watch the Immersive Labs team as they assessed our members' decision-making skills and responses to an interactive cyber crisis inspired by real-life events. During this interactive session, we experienced the power and importance of building an organisation’s preparedness and discovered how interactive exercising can help build the necessary muscle memory across an organisation.

Reaching the boardroom

Cybersecurity is often an afterthought in the boardroom, and it's easy to overlook security when everything is working. So we explore the best ways to communicate effectively with those on the board, and look at a common, core suite of meaningful metrics that can be adopted by any organisation to help you prove you're doing your job - even when you're not battling incidents.

Defending with an attacker’s mindset

Effective defence comes when you can anticipate your attackers’ moves. By combining threat landscape insights with data on which of your users are targeted with which threats, organisations can build more effective security awareness training programs, and users can better defend themselves from the threats they actually see.

Cybersecurity for Charities and Non-Profits

We were delighted to organise this important workshop in our Charities Sector workstream. Many SASIG members are responsible for security within charitable organisations, so we thought that such a sector-specific meeting would be helpful. With a combination of presentations and panel discussions, we explore the importance of cybersecurity across charities and provide information on the wealth of resources and support available (often for free!).

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