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Measuring security behaviours at work: The tips, tricks, and pitfalls!

Security awareness and training has been stagnant for too long. Mercifully, transformational security teams are realising the old ways of approaching the human element aren’t working. We uncover and discuss how to truly manage human cyber risk at work, and share takeaway tips, tricks and pitfalls.

How nudge theory is changing the security awareness landscape

We explore nudge theory in all directions – the history, the inspiration, the application and some real results from different businesses. We’ve all had to become more creative in what we do and how we do it (thanks, Covid), so how is nudge theory helping deliver strong and sustainable results in security awareness programmes?

Cross-cloud hacking: Stealing Salesforce data via GitHub & Slack

Did you know an employee’s Gmail could endanger your company Salesforce data? We demonstrate how attackers exploit personal email accounts to gain access to corporate clouds and steal highly confidential customer data. Learn how the attack is performed and how to prevent cross-cloud attacks.

How to use security automation to boost IT and cybersecurity team efficiency

Increasing complexity in security infrastructures and resources that are ever stretched increases the risk of implementing security policies incorrectly. Watch as we show you how to use automation to model changes before provisioning, increase change control accuracy, and avoid the costs of failed audits.

Zero Trust Security – It’s a privilege to have no privilege

Accounts with ‘always-on’ admin access are increasing your attack surface – they provide the privilege to gain access to sensitive data or resources. Watch to learn why this is your biggest undiscovered security risk, what steps you can take to start removing that risk, and how to reach zero trust.

Insider threats are (still) on the rise: Findings from 2022 Ponemon report

The annual cost of insider threat incidents has increased to over $15m – they are an area of risk we cannot afford to ignore. We review the new 2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report, reveal insights into what the data means for you, and how to save millions with people-centric threat management.

Forrester Study - Take control of email security with human layer security protection

Email is every bit as crucial an environment to protect as the network and databases; once compromised, there can be lasting, costly, and damaging effects. Leaning on built in security controls of email platforms or legacy technology are insufficient in providing comprehensive protection against human-related threats over email. Over 75% of firms report that 20% or more of email security incidents get past their existing security controls. The findings from this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tessian recommends that organisations consider human layer security to be used.

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