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How generative AI will affect your supply chain security

OpenAI's popular ChatGPT now influences most industries. Adoption ranges from informed integration to indirect use through other systems, bringing both opportunities and cybersecurity risks. Watch now as we addressed generative AI's impact on supply chain security and provided actionable risk mitigation recommendations.

SASIG IoT Academy Session 4: The future of IoT

There is massive potential for IoT technology to radically impact and improve our lives as the information age comes to full fruition, so long as we’re prepared. In this final session of the series, we look at the future of IoT, what we can achieve with it, and how we can prepare for the security challenge it poses.

SASIG IoT Academy Session 3: What can we learn from the OT world?

While it’s fair to say that the cybersecurity of operational technology (OT) is not near the maturity of enterprise IT, it’s far beyond that of the IoT world. In this session we examine how we secure OT systems to see what lessons can be learned and applied to IoT devices and networks in the future.

SASIG IoT Academy Session 2: IoT; the threat it poses and how to secure it

With the prevalence of IoT devices, how do we take on the mammoth challenge of identifying and securing the devices on our networks? Join us to learn how bad actors can use IoT devices to gain access to your network, how to apply ringfencing principles to IoT devices, and how to identify shadow devices with AI techniques.

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