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Shaping cybersecurity strategies: Take a page from the hacker's playbook

By applying attackers’ methods to our defensive operations, we can take back the first-more advantage when it comes to incidents. We discuss the ever-changing threat landscape, how to keep up to date with emerging vulnerabilities, and how we can turn this into actionable threat intelligence.

The BIG Q: How do busy people get MORE done?

Business books are full of promise and social media is awash with advice. But in reality, it’s hard to make changes and keep the plates spinning. So, how do we ‘get more done’, in our congested, fluid, and fast-moving world? Watch this interactive discussion to uncover practical tips.

Making your organisation more resilient: What can we learn from NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)?

The UK Government has cybersecurity guidance for organisations responsible for Critical National Infrastructure and vitally important services, but how can this guidance be applied to all organisations? Watch now to discover how organisations of all sizes can be inspired to improve their security posture and resilience based on the guiding principles of the NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF).

Hacking from the hotel & other red team war stories

Watch now for a fascinating insight into the world of hacking and breaches from a red teamer who has never been caught. Discover real-world exercises, key skills for successful breaches, lessons CISOs and CSOs should learn, high assurance tips, and some of the biggest mistakes made by organisations.

Hunting in the data lake

Unlike automated security measures, threat hunting involves skilled human analysts who identify even subtle threats. Watch now to discover how they use analytics, behavioural analysis, and contextual understanding of an environment to uncover anomalies, vulnerabilities, and signs of compromise, to identify and neutralise threats before they escalate.

No Active Directory? Now what? Why you need a continuity and recovery plan

Many organisations have solid recovery plans for their critical applications, but AD is often overlooked. Watch now as we looked at the significance of Active Directory in your business continuity and disaster recovery plan, discussed real-world experiences, and provided practical examples for enhancing resilience.

Let's upgrade OT cyber resilience: From failures to cyber attacks

With ever-growing cyber threats, resilience has become a top priority in major cybersecurity roadmaps. Attacks remain likely, so we must prepare to mitigate the impacts and recover swiftly. Watch now to discover areas of alignment, gaps that need to be addressed, and how to integrate resilience into an overall strategy.

Reflecting on the past year: Managed detection and response insights

Watch now to examine the current security landscape and notable incidents from 2023, particularly emerging common TTPs. We also considered the valuable lessons we can learn from the past year, and how we can all gain a deeper understanding of the best practices to fortify our cybersecurity posture for the future.

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