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Security awareness: A framework to actually change behaviour

Security awareness is a journey to embed secure behaviours in people's daily lives. watch this webinar for practical advice, best practice, and a five-step framework that address people-based security risks by instilling effective behavioural change and building an effective cybersecurity awareness programme.

Why your security awareness isn’t working and what to do about it

Traditional approaches to security awareness aren’t resulting in behaviour change, so says the NCSC! Join us as we analyse why – through learning science and psychology. We then explore the models that can tell us what we should be doing offering actionable insights to apply in our organisations.

A CISO perspective: The convergence of internal and external cyber defence

Taking a pragmatic look at three critical components of any security program, we examine real-world examples of cyber incidents and explore how they could have been prevented. We also discuss steps you can take to improve your cyber maturity through the convergence of internal and external defences.

People-centric methods for ransomware prevention

Despite all our technical controls and security awareness training, ransomware attacks are still on the rise. It could soon become illegal to pay a ransom, making organisations more reliant on their people to stave off the worst. Take a deep dive into people-centric methods for preventing ransomware.

Why do lemons exist in the cybersecurity market and how can we avoid them?

Efficacy within cybersecurity can be poor, and continued growth in spend has not (so far) resulted in reduced overall losses. How do we increase transparency in the market so that we can avoid the duds/lemons? Watch now to hear about research with stakeholders and front-line users, and learn tips for finding peaches among the lemons.

Quick wins to identify and mitigate insider threat

Discover how augmenting existing technology to mitigate data loss through careless, compromised or malicious users could help you reduce your insider threat risk more easily than you might think. We look at enhancements you can make to your existing approaches, and how you can implement changes.

The cybersecurity threats and challenges to the Connected Autonomous Vehicles ecosystem

The Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) space is unique and constantly evolving. It is more than just driverless cars – think road, rail, air, and even smart cities. Watch now as we looked at why transport ecosystems and the associated infrastructures across all sectors are more vulnerable than ever, and how to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

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