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The what, why and how of implementing a Zero Trust security model

The traditional method of enforcing security at the network perimeter is no longer effective; now is the time to implement the Zero Trust security model. Watch to discover the practical benefits of Zero Trust, the importance of asset management, and practical tips to start putting Zero Trust into practice.

How to build an advanced email security strategy

Most cyberattacks still start with or involve email, so stopping threats at this stage can strengthen your entire security strategy. Learn about the latest attack techniques and how developing an advanced strategy for emails can empower you to adapt to evolving threats, reduce costs, and respond sooner.

Measuring security behaviours at work: The tips, tricks, and pitfalls!

Security awareness and training has been stagnant for too long. Mercifully, transformational security teams are realising the old ways of approaching the human element aren’t working. We uncover and discuss how to truly manage human cyber risk at work, and share takeaway tips, tricks and pitfalls.

Optimising vulnerability management: Finding the needle in a haystack

With over 20,000 new vulnerabilities published last year alone, how do you prioritise them? Discover how a network model of your infrastructure can put threats into the context of your environment and help you prioritise what needs to be taken care of right away, and what can wait.

When IT and security operations marry

For most organisations, security and IT operations work in isolation, and potentially even against each other. And yet, how the two interact makes a huge difference in how fast your organisation can mitigate issues. Learn how to unite them so they work together in harmony instead.

Applying and integrating the MITRE ATT&CK methodology

With the 4th round of the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK out, it’s important for us to learn how the evaluation and methodology can be used in our organisations. We look at this year’s results and discover how to apply and integrate the framework into your organisation to assess and improve your cyber strategy.

How to consider governance when implementing effective risk management

Data’s enormous commerce potential puts it at significant risk of abuse. Join us as we consider the governance that directs our organisations and risk alignments, and what influences that governance. Is it regulations, the industry, ethics, or culture? Plus, how can we ensure the board understand the risks, too? This is the first of two parts. You can register for the second session at www.thesasig.com/calendar/event/22-07-01-risk

Anticipate and defend against adversaries targeting SaaS and IaaS

Misconfigured APIs, over-exposed sensitive data, and shadow admins are just some of the SaaS security challenges organisations face today. Join us as we will take a deep dive into some of the most common attack scenarios and cover steps you can take to secure your SaaS and IaaS environments.

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