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Cyberbullying is not just childish mischief: It's a crime

Social networks provide the perfect platform for cyberbullying. And yet, many people who fall victim don't realise that cyberbullying is actually a crime. Watch now for a discussion on forms of cyberbullying, preventing it in the workplace and at home, reporting incidents, and the support available.

Modern slavery is closer than you think

Modern slavery is all around us and covers a wide range of abuse. Anyone could be a victim, often without realising. We must all take steps to prevent modern slavery in our own organisations and our supply chains. Watch now to explore types and signs of modern slavery, legislation, and available resources.

All Call Signs – Why suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility

Please watch this very important session about supporting those in crisis, where we will learn about the All Call Signs peer support network and its work, common roadblocks faced by those wishing to support others, the principles of good mental health, and why we should all help prevent suicide and support recovery.

How to cope with information overload

Ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, or simply exhausted from the endless scroll of news at your fingertips? While increasingly normal, this feeling is not good for our health or ability to focus. Our panel of experts share practical, sustainable tips for overcoming information overload.

Resilience in crisis and the role of ethics

Ethics underpins our actions and influences the way organisations operate - no more so than during a crisis. Watch as we learn how the Swedish healthcare system developed greater resilience in the face of the biggest health challenge in a century; and the importance of ethics in achieving this.

Romance Fraud: An Extraordinary SASIG Workshop

Thank you to everyone who joined us virtually for an extraordinary SASIG Workshop on the topic of romance fraud – a crime where both men and women are targeted, when social standing and education are no defence, and which causes real loss and huge emotional pain to those at the receiving end. Our prestigious speakers generously offered their time, wisdom, and first-hand experience to enable us to burrow deeper into this important topic. We heard from victims, including our own Chairman, Martin Smith MBE, and Cecilie Fjellhøy, survivor of the Tinder Swindler (as seen on Netflix), about their experiences and subsequent emotions. We spoke to industry experts to reveal the various techniques used and abused by the fiendish lotharios, and examine what can be done to prevent this crime, and what individuals can do to protect themselves against attack.

Creating a financial wellbeing strategy with your employees in mind

Did you know that 27% of employees state that their financial worries have an impact on their performance at work? We share how embedding a financial wellbeing strategy can reduce insider risk, how Schroders Personal Wealth developed their initiative, and tips for designing and embedding your own strategy.

Respect in Security: Stamping out harassment

Did you know 1/3 of cybersecurity professionals have had personal experience of harassment online? Discover a new movement in infosec that is making drastic changes to stamp out abuse and harassment in our industry. Learn why and how it was created, and find out how we can all help make a difference.

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