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Where is cyber insurance now? A whitepaper review

As the number and costs of cyber incidents rise, so do the insurance requirements and coverage costs. Examine key findings from a study on the current state of cyber insurance in the UK, how these results impact businesses and our sector, and recommendations for improving how cyber insurance is devised.

See what you’re missing: Modelling your attack surface in three easy steps

System complexity is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Join us to explore the process of creating an inventory, constructing a model of your tech landscape, and elevating your security posture. You’ll learn about proactive threat detection, automated compliance analysis, and streamlined security change processes.

People-centric methods for ransomware prevention

Despite all our technical controls and security awareness training, ransomware attacks are still on the rise. It could soon become illegal to pay a ransom, making organisations more reliant on their people to stave off the worst. Take a deep dive into people-centric methods for preventing ransomware.

How attractive is marketing data to criminals?

Marketers are embracing increasing amounts of data than ever before, to build a comprehensive picture of customers. This valuable information becomes an easy target, and a quick win to hit the jackpot on information that is very precise and personal. We discuss who owns this risk, potential ransom scenarios and how we might mitigate this.

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