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Mitigating Kubernetes risk with a GRC-centric approach

Kubernetes adoption is booming and fuelling innovation, but this agility comes with new complexities. Discover strategies to identify, prioritise and mitigate threats effectively by integrating security controls into your existing frameworks, and fostering security awareness and ownership within your teams.

Threat landscape update for 2024: Phishing, BEC, ransomware and more

Join us for a no-nonsense webinar about cybercriminals’ latest techniques, and how to stop them. Drawn from trillions of emails, attachments and URLs in Proofpoint's latest threat research, we’ll look at real-world examples of email attacks, why people still click links, and how to protect your users.

Overcoming the resource and upskilling need in third-party risk

As supply chain attacks rise, UK organisations face rising regulatory pressures, compounding technology gaps, and overburdened security teams. We will showcase how community initiatives fortify resilience, explore pre-built frameworks for supplier upskilling, and offer insights into navigating regulatory challenges.

The evolution of cloud attacks: Building a modern cloud defence

The news is often filled with murky and cryptic details about breaches. But to build an effective defence strategy, we need a good understanding of how we will be attacked. Join us to learn how cloud breaches have evolved, the latest threat trends, and real techniques you can use in your defence tactics.

Boosting security habits by leveraging real-time learning opportunities

How do we make sure our employees actually act on what we teach them? Watch now to discover how your campaigns can be boosted by real-time, on-the-job learning opportunities, and why these are instrumental in fostering good security habits. Improve your organisation's risk posture and take training to a whole new level.

Influence: How does it work? How can we use it? How can we resist it?

Digital technologies have revolutionised how influence works. We can simultaneously connect with old friends and niche interest groups, but also (unwittingly) with organised criminals, terrorists and hostile states who infiltrate our societies. What can we do to protect ourselves from their influence?

Measuring secure behaviour change: Dream or reality?

If security awareness is about driving secure behaviours, then we need to measure impact. Join us to explore why we should measure behavioural change, examine existing measures used in the industry and how flawed they can be, and learn how to set out a campaign-based approach to deliver measurable impact.

The evolution of security operations to meet future cyber regulation

The concept of effective SecOps is continually evolving and has moved beyond just having a SOC or a SIEM system. Join us to explore how your organisation can enhance security operations to not only improve your overall security maturity, but also remain compliant with existing and future regulations.

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