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A CISO perspective: The convergence of internal and external cyber defence

Taking a pragmatic look at three critical components of any security program, we examine real-world examples of cyber incidents and explore how they could have been prevented. We also discuss steps you can take to improve your cyber maturity through the convergence of internal and external defences.

How AI/ML impacts security: Both for defensive and offensive purposes

We discuss how AI/ML can be used to detect and respond to threats in real time, as well as identify vulnerabilities and develop attack strategies. We also examine the challenges and limitations of AI/ML in security, such as ethical concerns and the potential for adversarial attacks.

Don’t get ready for an audit… Plan to always be auditable and compliant!

Delivering IT services to users is complex, so annual certification is not enough. We face constant changes to our security posture and the way we work. And now part of Cyber Essentials has been overhauled due to evolving challenges. Watch now to learn how to streamline security processes and ensure your IT is ahead of the game.

The state of cybercrime: Don’t breach where you eat

LastPass recently shared that an attacker who targeted the organisation in August 2022 has struck again. Andrew explores the multi-stage attack, revisiting the discussion of the initial intrusion and outlining how stolen data was weaponised months later to breach the company’s vault.

Deception: The secret weapon against identity-based attacks

As an organisation, what does your identity management infrastructure look like? And how do you protect your users’ identities? Watch this webinar to see how the often-overlooked tools of deception and false targets can improve identity security by redirecting attackers away from your most valuable assets.

How do you escape the local/national/global cyber skills merry-go-round?

There is a global shortage of cyber skills at all levels. Security and safety strategies do not have pipelines in place to develop the skills needed to provide them, leaving us all competing for charlatans or burnt-out unicorns. Watch now as we discuss new strategies to attract, develop and keep the people and skills we need.

The nature of cyber incidents

We take a look at the Kaspersky Incident Response team’s findings from last year to evaluate what they observed to be the most common attack vectors, tools and targets across 2022. We also discuss what you can do to help minimise your organisation’s likelihood of becoming a victim of these tactics.

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