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Cyber insights: An insider view of red teaming and pen-testing

Watch now to learn proactive steps your organisation can take to fully understand your vulnerability to real world threats. You’ll see an attack simulation being set up and run, watch an assumed breach unfold, look at the difference between red teams and pen-testing, and how they actually work.

Phishing simulations: The controversial ‘awareness’ programme

Phishing simulations and testing is a hotly debated subject, so we want to talk about it some more! What do we hope to achieve from sending ‘test’ emails? How do we make them learning opportunities rather than a check-box exercise? Watch now and learn from the experts.

Phishing simulations: Should we really send mock emails to our colleagues?

Phishing simulations is a controversial subject, so we want to talk about it! What do we hope to achieve from sending ‘test’ emails? What do we do with those who ‘pass’ or ‘fail’? Is there a better option? Watch this webinar to hear disaster and success stories, and learn from the experts.

Breach Simulations: What we learned about the process and ourselves

Global charitable foundation Wellcome Trust started running breach simulations in 2021 and found that even in an exercise, things don’t always go according to plan. Watch now to get an insight into some of the things they discovered, and some of the unexpected benefits (and issues) that running simulations created for them.

Live crisis simulation: Building the trust to make your workforce cyber resilient

Watch the Immersive Labs team as they assessed our members' decision-making skills and responses to an interactive cyber crisis inspired by real-life events. During this interactive session, we experienced the power and importance of building an organisation’s preparedness and discovered how interactive exercising can help build the necessary muscle memory across an organisation.

Anticipate and defend against adversaries targeting SaaS and IaaS

Misconfigured APIs, over-exposed sensitive data, and shadow admins are just some of the SaaS security challenges organisations face today. Join us as we will take a deep dive into some of the most common attack scenarios and cover steps you can take to secure your SaaS and IaaS environments.

Don't Panic! How to test your crisis response plans like a pro

Key to the success of any exercise is engagement from the participants; this means telling a good story and capturing the imagination. Watch this fun and informative session around how to introduce tabletop testing to your company, or to add realism to your existing programme.

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