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Applying and integrating the MITRE ATT&CK methodology

With the 4th round of the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK out, it’s important for us to learn how the evaluation and methodology can be used in our organisations. We look at this year’s results and discover how to apply and integrate the framework into your organisation to assess and improve your cyber strategy.

Blockchain 102: Is it really worth the hype?

There's a lot more to blockchain than cryptocurrencies and ‘a distributed ledger of transactions’. Much of its potential is yet to be realised, so watch as we examine the incredible benefits blockchain technology could have for logistics tracking, smart contracts and the availability and integrity of data.

Re-thinking the Kill Chain in Industrial Control Systems

When critical infrastructure relies so heavily on operational technology, why do we still allow them to rely on industrial control systems with weak or even non-existent security measures? Watch now to learn about OT and ICS security challenges, why they are vulnerable, who is attacking them, and how to protect them.

Is your supply chain putting your business at risk?

Third-party and supply chain risks are nothing new. They are problems faced by most organisations – from multi-national corporations to small businesses. Weaknesses in risk and control management have led to significant and damaging breaches on critical national infrastructure and ecosystems with businesses around the world. Headlines over the last few years have included the Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, German Electricity grid attacks. It seems criminal gangs, organised crime, and even nation states have shifted their attack focus onto the supply chain. And why not, when they can bypass our defences by disrupting our easier to target partners, yet still achieve their end goal? Our panel of experts discuss this ever-increasing issue that the user community needs to deal with collectively. We will look at how to combat third-party risk in the supply chain, and whether we have no choice but to adopt a zero-trust model for all.

The CISO’s dilemma – How to choose the right provider and solution

Although their budgets may be increasing, CISOs are often stuck between the organisational pressures to do ‘something’ to improve resilience, and the pressurised sales tactics of service and solutions providers. So how can we choose the best provider for our needs? We explore how to choose the right provider for you and your organisation, in an efficient way.

Welcome and Opening keynote - The cybersecurity strategy for health and social care - SASIG Healthcare Cybersecurity Symposium 2022

Martin Smith MBE and Adam Wild welcome and introduce the day, followed by the opening keynote where Phil Huggins and John Noble CBE give a summary preview of the cybersecurity strategy for health and social care to be published in April 2022. They also describe the important new cybersecurity guide developed and published for NEDs of NHS trusts that is relevant to many other organisations.

Boosting the cybersecurity of the UK's digital supply chains

The Government recently consulted UK plc on the cybersecurity challenges organisations face with their digital supply chains. DCMS explains how we can all enhance the security of our supply chains and third-party IT services, as it outlines the Government's next steps in helping businesses become more resilient to supply chain incidents.

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