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A sitrep on the war in Ukraine: We live in interesting times

Recent events demonstrate that the war is not going well for the Kremlin. The impact of counter-offensives and the undermining of President Putin’s authority will not only shape the fortunes of the two sides, but the future of European security. Our panel discuss the implications for our work, the UK, and cyberspace.

The rise and fall of email security

Business email compromise is a $2.4bn problem. The attacks are lucrative and easy to execute, yet security controls struggle because of BEC’s targeted and novel nature. Attackers are at a turning point with their tools and techniques, so how do we defend ourselves when they are constantly adapting?

Mission Possible: Defusing an in-progress identity system attack

A security gap in your Active Directory could be enough to shut down your entire business operations. Watch now to learn how this happens, how a telco company recovered from this type of attack, and how you can respond effectively to an in-progress attack on your identity systems with step-by-step guidance.

Emerging tech: Privacy-by-design to transform supply chain management

Privacy-by-design certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s gaining momentum thanks to evolving privacy regulations and consumer expectations. Watch now to learn how privacy-by-design can help you manage compliance risks and gain visibility in your digital supply chains amid increasing digital threats.

Salesforce: The high-value target that’s overexposed and under-protected

As more sensitive data is stored on this popular CRM tool, Salesforce is fast becoming a high-value target for cybercriminals. Misconfigurations are common due to complex permissions, watch now and learn where Salesforce’s responsibilities end, and where yours begin, and how to identify and rectify critical issues.

The cybersecurity threats and challenges to the Connected Autonomous Vehicles ecosystem

The Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) space is unique and constantly evolving. It is more than just driverless cars – think road, rail, air, and even smart cities. Watch now as we looked at why transport ecosystems and the associated infrastructures across all sectors are more vulnerable than ever, and how to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

The challenges and best practices when reducing supply chain risk

There has been a lot of focus on identifying vulnerabilities in supply chains recently, but what about actually reducing the risks from those issues? In this webinar, we analyse the challenges revealed in BlueVoyant’s latest State of Supply Chain Defense report and share best practices for protecting your organisation.

The SASIG Supporter Showcase (part 2)

Whether you want to discover the latest updates from leaders in the cybersecurity industry or are curious what we mean by 'Supporters', watch now and meet the organisations who help make SASIG possible. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the companies that support SASIG and how they could help you – with no marketing noise or aggressive sales techniques.

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