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Backup and recovery systems were built for dinosaurs

It takes an average of 17 days to recover from a ransomware attack. How long would it take you? Is that with or without backups? We still operate as if we are backing up/recovering MBs rather than TBs of data, so learn how real-time data protection and time-sensitive recovery could keep you operational.

Confusing the supply chain - Hacking 1B$ companies with a few lines of code

Watch now to investigate supply chain attacks and recent real-life dependency confusion attacks. Discover how just a few lines of code can have devastating effects on billion-dollar companies. What is dependency confusion, and how does it impact supply chains? Who could be the next target, and how can you protect your organisation?

Zero Trust is a provable paradox: Prove me wrong

Everyone talks about the Zero Trust principle of ‘never trust, always verify’, but what does it really mean? And how do you demonstrate that your systems actually satisfy the critical requirements? Watch now for a lively debate on whether Zero Trust is a realistic achievement, or an impossible paradox.

The secret life of Teams: What really happens behind the scenes

Varonis walked us through the common challenges seen in the field, demonstrated how powerful collaboration features in M365 often result in complexity and pain for IT security, and showed us what truly happens under the hood when users share data in different ways.

Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023

Watch now for an exclusive overview of Mandiant's Cyber Security Forecast 2023 report, covering everything from attack types to security strategies. Discover what to expect in 2023, so you can be sure your organisation is ready for anything.

Identifying your IT and OT weaknesses before the bad guys do

Hackers are increasingly exploiting inadequate security controls to wreak havoc on organisations. Watch now to learn how to enhance your approach to IT/OT security with full visibility of networks and assets, risk-based methodologies, automation to free up resources, and effective segmentation between environments.

Defending with an attacker’s mindset

Effective defence comes when you can anticipate your attackers’ moves. By combining threat landscape insights with data on which of your users are targeted with which threats, organisations can build more effective security awareness training programs, and users can better defend themselves from the threats they actually see.

Cybersecurity for Charities and Non-Profits

We were delighted to organise this important workshop in our Charities Sector workstream. Many SASIG members are responsible for security within charitable organisations, so we thought that such a sector-specific meeting would be helpful. With a combination of presentations and panel discussions, we explore the importance of cybersecurity across charities and provide information on the wealth of resources and support available (often for free!).

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