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UK supply chains: Demanding higher security standards in supplier contracts

More interconnected digital supply chains mean amplified cyber risks. But do supplier contracts always represent a business' risk posture? If not, where can government offer support? DCMS joined us and invited feedback on this area, while explaining how to demand the right level of security in your contracts.

Why is ransomware rampant even when multi-factor authentication is used?

With 80% of all attacks utilising phishing and/or stolen credentials, MFA has been a favoured defence. But Lapsus$ and other ransomwares have been successful despite MFA deployment… Watch now for a deep dive into ransomware, MFA, phishing, and protecting your users, and to discover how malicious actors are still successful despite technical ‘safeguards’.

Key findings from the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

Watch this exclusive webinar on this year’s report findings and hear directly from the 2022 responsible analyst. Maddy and Emma explained the different attacks organisations are facing, how they are impacted and how they respond, as well as how the government is using the findings to inform policy.

How to turbo-boost your organisation’s cybersecurity performance

We examined the findings from the new ‘Cybersecurity solutions for a riskier world’ global benchmarking study, including the top causes of significant breaches. Why do risk-based leaders rate their programmes as more mature? Watch now to find out, and learn how this approach could help you, too.

Every cloud has an unsecure lining

Our widespread adoption of cloud-services and need to share knowledge rapidly provides endless opportunities for information to end up in the wrong hands. Watch as we assess the common issues, share how to educate your organisation, and look at OSINT techniques for red-teamers and bug-bounty hunters.

How to build an advanced email security strategy

Most cyberattacks still start with or involve email, so stopping threats at this stage can strengthen your entire security strategy. Learn about the latest attack techniques and how developing an advanced strategy for emails can empower you to adapt to evolving threats, reduce costs, and respond sooner.

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