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Unveiling scale: How hackers exploit generative AI to craft phishing scams

With the help of AI-driven tools, phishing scams can be executed on an unprecedented scale. We explore hackers’ intricate tactics, including how they impersonate trusted entities across industries and exploit vulnerabilities, as well as how machine learning can help spot the attacks bypassing our defences.

Vulnerabilities: Are we accidentally paving the way for cyber attacks?

We explore the evolving market for vulnerability trading and examine whether companies are potentially creating their own weaknesses. Learn what ESET discovered when they tested decommissioning processes, including what critical data from the previous owner was still accessible and open to abuse.

Misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation - The illusion of truth

We discussed how the control and manipulation of information is becoming an existential threat to our society, freedoms, and security. We are bombarded with so much information, it can be difficult to objectively assess if what we are presented with is true or even real. Is AI helping lead us to an Orwellian reality?

Why SIEM systems are your sticky SOCy pudding

SIEMs are powerful tools for detecting and responding to threats. Watch now as we explored why integration challenges persist, strategies to enhance the 'stickiness' of your SIEM, and case studies of how other organisations have tackled the challenge.

A sitrep on the war in Ukraine: We live in interesting times

Recent events demonstrate that the war is not going well for the Kremlin. The impact of counter-offensives and the undermining of President Putin’s authority will not only shape the fortunes of the two sides, but the future of European security. Our panel discuss the implications for our work, the UK, and cyberspace.

The rise and fall of email security

Business email compromise is a $2.4bn problem. The attacks are lucrative and easy to execute, yet security controls struggle because of BEC’s targeted and novel nature. Attackers are at a turning point with their tools and techniques, so how do we defend ourselves when they are constantly adapting?

Mission Possible: Defusing an in-progress identity system attack

A security gap in your Active Directory could be enough to shut down your entire business operations. Watch now to learn how this happens, how a telco company recovered from this type of attack, and how you can respond effectively to an in-progress attack on your identity systems with step-by-step guidance.

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