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The cybersecurity threats and challenges to the Connected Autonomous Vehicles ecosystem

The Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) space is unique and constantly evolving. It is more than just driverless cars – think road, rail, air, and even smart cities. Watch now as we looked at why transport ecosystems and the associated infrastructures across all sectors are more vulnerable than ever, and how to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

The state of cybercrime: Don’t breach where you eat

LastPass recently shared that an attacker who targeted the organisation in August 2022 has struck again. Andrew explores the multi-stage attack, revisiting the discussion of the initial intrusion and outlining how stolen data was weaponised months later to breach the company’s vault.

The nature of cyber incidents

We take a look at the Kaspersky Incident Response team’s findings from last year to evaluate what they observed to be the most common attack vectors, tools and targets across 2022. We also discuss what you can do to help minimise your organisation’s likelihood of becoming a victim of these tactics.

How can the skills, experience and psychology of spies help security experts?

Watch now as we were joined by the author of ‘The Psychology of Spies and Spying’ who discussed what the world of espionage can teach us to reduce our insider threats. We also looked at employee motivations, as well as techniques from both intelligence officers and psychologists which can improve resilience and security.

ChatGPT: Supercharging AI-based cyber attacks and script kiddies

Like many things, AI is a tool. And whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is down to the human wielding it. AI machines like ChatGPT are helping empower even beginners to generate malicious code in a couple of clicks, but could AI also fortify good code and teach employees the importance of trust before verification?

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