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Unlocking business growth: Secrets to cybersecurity success

In this session, Tim will provide first-hand case study examples of effective cyber positioning in action, leave you with valuable takeaway actions to implement, and demonstrate how cybersecurity is more than just a proactive measure - it's a business growth asset.

Exploiting large language models (LLMs): A new age in offensive security

Any sufficiently advanced technology can be used for both benevolent and malicious purposes. We’ll explore how LLMs have moved beyond deep fakes for our use in offensive security, such as phishing pretext generation, as well as examining some of the attacks against LLMs that could be exposing your business.

How to recover Active Directory when every second counts

Active Directory (AD) is a popular target for cybercriminals, but despite being the core identity system for most organisations, AD recovery is still notoriously complicated and time-consuming. Join us to learn how to improve your recovery times, even in hybrid environments with their added complications.

Maximising cyber defence with attack surface management

Discover innovative strategies for managing external attack surfaces as we explore practical approaches to uncovering and managing exposed assets across cloud and IoT environments. Learn to optimise processes for better risk remediation, and gain insights on developing integration strategies.

Threat landscape update for 2024: Phishing, BEC, ransomware and more

Enjoy this no-nonsense webinar about cybercriminals’ latest techniques, and how to stop them. Drawn from trillions of emails, attachments and URLs in Proofpoint's latest threat research, we look at real-world examples of email attacks, why people still click links, and how to protect your users.

Where is cyber insurance now? A whitepaper review

As the number and costs of cyber incidents rise, so do the insurance requirements and coverage costs. Examine key findings from a study on the current state of cyber insurance in the UK, how these results impact businesses and our sector, and recommendations for improving how cyber insurance is devised.

Operational Technology: The latest battlefield in the ongoing cyber war

Critical infrastructure relies on operational technology, making it a high-value target for cybercriminals. A successful attack can cause major disruption. We’ll use a real-world example to demonstrate the key principles behind OT security monitoring and how to detect and respond to unseen dangers.

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