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E-pocalypse: Navigating the future of email authentication

Recent announcements from industry giants have triggered a paradigm shift in how emails are validated and accepted. Watch now to delve into the intricacies of these changes, the dangers email authentication aims to thwart, and practical insights and strategies to ensure your emails pass the checks.

Educate your executives to own and drive cybersecurity

Engaging your C-Suite and getting them to actively participate in cybersecurity issues has been a challenge for decades. Watch now to learn how to educate your senior executives in a stimulating, self-driven way, so they become confident to get involved in unfamiliar and daunting topics (such as cybersecurity!).

Identity threat detection and response for insider threats

Insider threats have risen by 44% over the past two years, with each incident costing an average of £381k. Whether caused by employee negligence or malicious intent, insider-related incidents pose a serious risk. Watch the recording to learn why AD security is key, how to spot AD weaknesses, and how to close backdoors.

2023 Incident Response Report: Lessons from 40 cyber attacks

Watch now to discover insights from a year’s worth of incident responses, including motivations behind attacks, the staggering percentage of ransomware attacks wielding dual threats of both exfiltration and encryption, and why smaller organisations are often notified of incidents by their larger customers.

Making your organisation more resilient: What can we learn from NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)?

The UK Government has cybersecurity guidance for organisations responsible for Critical National Infrastructure and vitally important services, but how can this guidance be applied to all organisations? Watch now to discover how organisations of all sizes can be inspired to improve their security posture and resilience based on the guiding principles of the NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF).

Enterprise communications during a major cyber incident

Effective crisis communication is a challenge. There are multiple organisations to contact, various channels to use, and mandatory deadlines to factor in. We discuss how to balance compliance, security, and operations; as well as strategies and tools for efficient plans that minimise disruption.

No Active Directory? Now what? Why you need a continuity and recovery plan

Many organisations have solid recovery plans for their critical applications, but AD is often overlooked. Watch now as we looked at the significance of Active Directory in your business continuity and disaster recovery plan, discussed real-world experiences, and provided practical examples for enhancing resilience.

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