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The world of the expert witness and how to interact with them

In IT-related litigation - civil and criminal - the courts and participants often require experts to investigate, analyse and explain. Indeed, you may need to employ them. So join us as Peter explains the rules that you and the experts must follow, and that you should understand. Learn about the actual experience of interacting with them from real cases.

Recorderd on: Wednesday 16th December 2020

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The Police Cyber Alarm: Giving police real-time threat data, so organisations protect themselves

Policing lacks the true picture of the scale, nature and impact of cybercrime on business in the UK. We learn how policing is moving into the machine learning world with the Police Cyber Alarm. This provides police with real-time data on suspicious activity and attacks. Law enforcement can locate and pursue criminals, advising organisations on how to protect themselves.

Recorderd on: Tuesday 8th September 2020

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A cornucopia of cybersecurity good news

Gain insight into excellent cybersecurity initiatives, including: The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge, providing knowledge from international experts; The Cyber Helpline, giving free, expert advice to cybercrime victims; The Metropolitan Police Cyber Choices Team, educating and deterring individuals from cybercrime; and the Deciphering the Cyber Market platform, bringing users and vendors together.

Recorderd on: Monday 17th August 2020

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As the world transformed in the face of a global pandemic, how did hackers of all stripes react?

While there have been many attention-grabbing headlines about the rise of cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic, most proved to be wide of the mark. We are delighted for Geoff to join us as he takes us behind the hyperbole, with a fascinating cybercrime story of how the different groups that make up today's cyber threat responded to the global pandemic.

Recorderd on: Friday 7th August 2020

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