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A fireside chat with Joanne Lockwood: The Making of Me

In honour of LGBTQ+ History Month, Joanne shared her authentic Gender Transition journey, overcoming imposter syndrome to sell her IT business and initiate a D&I practice. Her empowering story, relevant to all business leaders, highlights both challenges and opportunities for support and allyship.

Tackling the burnout crisis and supporting our neurodivergent cyber teams

Discover the realities of poor mental health, how to identify it within your organisation, and how to support both yourself and your team. Watch now and you'll leave armed with an entire toolkit of impactful, scientifically backed techniques and solutions, for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Building secure habits: A behavioural science perspective

Our industry has long overlooked how and why people form habits. But when we ignore the psychology behind effective habit-building, we create a clash between habit and intention in routine tasks. In this webinar, we discuss the science, why cues and context are so important, and how to replace existing habits.

Redesigning how we think about metrics: How to ask without asking

Security awareness teaches things. Metrics measure things. But we often struggle to get useful metrics from our awareness programmes. Re-evaluate the measurements you really want and need, then discover how to generate reliable, useful, and meaningful metrics that answer the questions we can’t ask.

How do you escape the local/national/global cyber skills merry-go-round?

There is a global shortage of cyber skills at all levels. Security and safety strategies do not have pipelines in place to develop the skills needed to provide them, leaving us all competing for charlatans or burnt-out unicorns. Watch now as we discuss new strategies to attract, develop and keep the people and skills we need.

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