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Cyber insights: An insider view of red teaming and pen-testing

Watch now to learn proactive steps your organisation can take to fully understand your vulnerability to real world threats. You’ll see an attack simulation being set up and run, watch an assumed breach unfold, look at the difference between red teams and pen-testing, and how they actually work.

Sustainability – How can cyber do its part of the job?

Watch now to learn about a working group calculating greenhouse gas emissions linked to cybersecurity and developing methodologies to identify the controls with the highest emissions. We shared reduction strategies, a self-assessment tool, and insights on how you can progress your organisation’s sustainability journey.

Change management series: Bringing it all together

Watch now to discover how to bring best practices into everything we and our teams do in our busy, noisy organisations, and how to measure success in ways that people care about. We’ll discuss how to ensure our organisations become good at managing change, while removing the frustrations of badly managed change.

DSIT call for views: Cyber Governance Code of Practice

Watch now to learn more about the proposed Code, how to give your feedback on it, and why governing digital and cybersecurity risk effectively is integral to organisations’ competitiveness and business continuity. Hear from DSIT about government plans to support boards and directors, and ask questions about the new Code.

Change management series: Across our whole organisation with ways of working

Organisation-wide culture change does not happen automatically. It must be carefully planned, communicated, executed, and reviewed for impact. Watch now as we looked at the pros and cons of several recognised models of organisational change to help you decide which will work best for you in your organisation.

How generative AI will affect your supply chain security

OpenAI's popular ChatGPT now influences most industries. Adoption ranges from informed integration to indirect use through other systems, bringing both opportunities and cybersecurity risks. Watch now as we addressed generative AI's impact on supply chain security and provided actionable risk mitigation recommendations.

Change management series: Change management for and across teams

Humans are social creatures. We learn from others and care what they think of us. In this session, we explored how to use our nature to counter the blamers and silent saboteurs, and how to create a community of change champions who can engage and connect people with success stories people care about.

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