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CyberWomen Groups: Empowering tomorrow's leaders in cyber-based roles

The cybersecurity field has traditionally been dominated by men, but women are increasingly advancing and breaking down barriers. Join us to learn about an organisation providing a platform for women in cyber and the ways in which they are creating a community that inspires learning, networking, and positive change.

The chief's brief with Pat Ryan CBE, Founder, Cyber Girls First

Before ‘retiring’, Pat had a distinguished career in Royal Navy Intelligence, and was one of the first females in a senior position with PwC. She now encourages and inspires girls to consider careers in cyber. Pat believes women can make significant contributions in this field, so watch now to learn about her work.

From diversity to security: Pioneering future cyber careers

Watch now as our panel of dynamic leaders and experts from various positions across the cyber landscape reflected on how they have found themselves shaping their roles and careers within the industry. Through this prism, we discussed how we can bring further diversity into our domain and the additional skills our industry requires for it to succeed in its security mission.

Autism in the information security profession

Being autistic in a world not built for autistic people means a lifetime of adapting, improving, and problem-solving. This perseverance and patience can give autistic people an advantage in the right career. Watch now as we discussed why information security can be the perfect career fit for some autistic people.

Tackling the burnout crisis and supporting our neurodivergent cyber teams

Discover the realities of poor mental health, how to identify it within your organisation, and how to support both yourself and your team. Watch now and you'll leave armed with an entire toolkit of impactful, scientifically backed techniques and solutions, for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Cyber skills gap: Attracting the next generation of talent

Learn how offering and promoting work experience opportunities can attract, engage, and educate the next generation of talent and fill your cybersecurity roles. Drawing from real-life case studies, we explore how we can all work to close the cybersecurity skills gap.

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