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Deep dive into romance fraud and victim blaming

This recording is audio only. If you’ve bought from an advert, succumbed to a special offer, or upgraded because of a salesperson, you have been manipulated. But romance fraud victims are often belittled and blamed for falling foul. Listen now as we discussed scammers’ techniques as well as how to reduce stigma and ultimately limit their pool of targets.

Blockchain 102: Is it really worth the hype?

There's a lot more to blockchain than cryptocurrencies and ‘a distributed ledger of transactions’. Much of its potential is yet to be realised, so watch as we examine the incredible benefits blockchain technology could have for logistics tracking, smart contracts and the availability and integrity of data.

Romance Fraud: An Extraordinary SASIG Workshop

Thank you to everyone who joined us virtually for an extraordinary SASIG Workshop on the topic of romance fraud – a crime where both men and women are targeted, when social standing and education are no defence, and which causes real loss and huge emotional pain to those at the receiving end. Our prestigious speakers generously offered their time, wisdom, and first-hand experience to enable us to burrow deeper into this important topic. We heard from victims, including our own Chairman, Martin Smith MBE, and Cecilie Fjellhøy, survivor of the Tinder Swindler (as seen on Netflix), about their experiences and subsequent emotions. We spoke to industry experts to reveal the various techniques used and abused by the fiendish lotharios, and examine what can be done to prevent this crime, and what individuals can do to protect themselves against attack.

Security Intelligence Masterclass - 6th Financial Services SASIG Workshop

Security intelligence is key to proactively disrupting our adversaries – looking out over the horizon to anticipate where attacks will come from rather than waiting until they appear at our walls. Clear, timely, accurate and actionable security intelligence will allow us to make informed decisions and take effective action. But too much myth and mystery still surrounds this vital part of the organisation’s defensive regime. In this masterclass, we will delve into security intelligence. How is it gathered, triaged, prioritised, and applied? How does it define the cyber risk landscape and how can it be used to reduce our third-party risks? What are the sources of security intelligence (in-house and third party) and how may we develop our own security intelligence programs?

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