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How do you escape the local/national/global cyber skills merry-go-round?

There is a global shortage of cyber skills at all levels. Security and safety strategies do not have pipelines in place to develop the skills needed to provide them, leaving us all competing for charlatans or burnt-out unicorns. Watch now as we discuss new strategies to attract, develop and keep the people and skills we need.

Cyber skills gap: Attracting the next generation of talent

Learn how offering and promoting work experience opportunities can attract, engage, and educate the next generation of talent and fill your cybersecurity roles. Drawing from real-life case studies, we explore how we can all work to close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Planting the seed of cybersecurity in the minds of young children

How young is too young for cyber safety discussions? What about road safety? Both are important, but we can be more worried about discussing cybersecurity than crossing a road. We look at the benefits of embedding good security practice in tomorrow’s workforce early, and how this could help us address the skills gap.

Cybersecurity Skills Festival 3

SASIG’s Cybersecurity Skills Festival is a biannual series where we discuss skills in cyber and connect those looking for work directly with those looking to hire. The conference agenda is already packed with helpful content and the jobs fair will be on a scale never seen in our industry with backing from public and private sector alike. We look forward to welcoming both existing and future cybersecurity professionals through our virtual doors.

Personality-focused mentoring – The youth are our future!

‘The youth are our future’ may be an overused phrase, but how can they know what is available to them? By using psychometric data to match young people with mentors, you can guide young people through a structured development journey. Learn how to find and nurture talent and opportunity ‘on the job’.

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