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The Russo-Ukraine War: One year on

What have we learnt about fighting a war in the 21st Century from the last 12 months? What has it revealed about the use of data, communications, information, and cyber? In this webinar our panel of experts discuss these topics, as well as what we should expect next.

Geopolitics, cybersecurity, and the lessons of history

It is easy to forget that what is happening in ‘far off’ countries can have a direct impact on us as individuals and a society. The Russo-Ukraine War is a stark reminder of this. Join our supremely knowledgeable panel to discuss whether geopolitics is making a comeback, and how it impacts the world of cybersecurity.

Beyond The Lazarus Heist – The nation-state/cybercrime nexus

The Lazarus Group is accused of carrying out a decade of cyber attacks on behalf of the North Korean Government. We hear from author and investigative journalist Geoff White as he explores what this world tells us about the growing links between government cyber attackers and organised crime gangs. In his forthcoming book (which you can pre-order here: www.penguin.co.uk/books/447163/the-lazarus-heist), Geoff explores this topic further by taking you inside the hidden world of the Lazarus gang and its global network of criminal accomplices.

The facts and the fiction of disinformation

Misinformation is by no means a modern-day phenomenon, social media and constant internet access means it has a profound and unending effect on world events and stability in the modern world. Watch as we discuss the true impact of disinformation on public trust and law, and how we can counter it.

Raising cyber resilience through international collaboration

The disruptive (and geographically widespread) nature of cybercrimes require carefully coordinated international response. Watch our panel as they share their thoughts on why law enforcement agencies and governments need to align their policies and why international cooperation is critical.

Coronavirus – when will it go away?

Every time we think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when it seems the global pandemic has reached its peak and is on the wane, it produces another sting in its tail. A new variant, and new wave, a new impact upon economies, new scare stories and conspiracies, further protests… will it ever go away? In this webinar, SASIG went on another world tour to assess the state of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the cybersecurity industry. From North and South America to Singapore, from Europe to Australia, get an inside view of how nations are responding. See how the world economy is still trying to bounce back from the biggest pandemic in our lifetimes.

Romance Fraud: An Extraordinary SASIG Workshop

Thank you to everyone who joined us virtually for an extraordinary SASIG Workshop on the topic of romance fraud – a crime where both men and women are targeted, when social standing and education are no defence, and which causes real loss and huge emotional pain to those at the receiving end. Our prestigious speakers generously offered their time, wisdom, and first-hand experience to enable us to burrow deeper into this important topic. We heard from victims, including our own Chairman, Martin Smith MBE, and Cecilie Fjellhøy, survivor of the Tinder Swindler (as seen on Netflix), about their experiences and subsequent emotions. We spoke to industry experts to reveal the various techniques used and abused by the fiendish lotharios, and examine what can be done to prevent this crime, and what individuals can do to protect themselves against attack.

The state of cybercrime: Nation-state attacks

Organisations worldwide are on high alert for state-sponsored cyberattacks. Watch to learn how to identify nation-state activity and strengthen your incident response plans. We also looked at the role of ransomware gangs in the current conflict and how sanctions could actually increase attacks.

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