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Call for assistance: Speakers for Schools – Access to the very top for all young people

The future of our industry is in our hands, and we need your help to change the lives of young people across the country. Speakers for Schools enable virtual work experience programmes that reach hundreds of children with the same effort as one traditional placement. Join us to discover how they do it, and how it could benefit your business and your community.

Recorded on: Tuesday 20th July 2021

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Women in cybersecurity: A look at gender in the workforce

Every year, (ISC)² collects data as part of its annual Cybersecurity Workforce Study that sheds further light on the experiences and interest levels of women in the cybersecurity field, as well as the obstacles to success they still face today. We look at this year’s findings, with guidance on how we can encourage more women to enter the cybersecurity sector.

Recorded on: Tuesday 25th August 2020

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Life is not fair: Interviews with the disabled and excluded

Mark takes us on a journey in which we meet people striving to overcome unthinkable challenges. A single mother, a lawyer unable to practice, a child with Downs Syndrome who wants to be a star, and many more. Alternately heart breaking and heart-warming, we look at the barriers people face at work and consider the case that improving your employees' working lives goes way beyond compliance.

Recorded on: Tuesday 18th August 2020

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Security Profession - some personal reflections…

We know a greater commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the security industry will attract new talent from a wider pool. Since cybersecurity already faces vast skills shortages, so this seems a clear way to grow our industry. It's a huge subject that many in the profession know little about. We consider the practical steps to ensure proper inclusion.

Recorded on: Friday 14th August 2020

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Diversity - The Future of Cyber

Cybersecurity has grown hugely in the last decade, but there's still an enormous skills shortage and gender gap. Creativity and collaboration are as important as technical acumen, so the industry needs diversity to thrive. Tessian surveyed professionals to understand the challenges they experience in the industry. The results may surprise you, which our panel explores.

Recorded on: Tuesday 21st April 2020

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