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The BIG Q: How do busy people get MORE done?

Business books are full of promise and social media is awash with advice. But in reality, it’s hard to make changes and keep the plates spinning. So, how do we ‘get more done’, in our congested, fluid, and fast-moving world? Watch this interactive discussion to uncover practical tips.

The Ministry of Defence has a female CISO? The chief’s brief with Christine Maxwell

In this webinar we heard how Christine leads defensive cyber strategy and capability development for the MoD, with responsibility for policy, awareness, behaviours, culture, and the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership. Learn about her extensive experience creating achievable cybersecurity strategies and working with Boards and executive groups in this exclusive interview.

Planting the seed of cybersecurity in the minds of young children

How young is too young for cyber safety discussions? What about road safety? Both are important, but we can be more worried about discussing cybersecurity than crossing a road. We look at the benefits of embedding good security practice in tomorrow’s workforce early, and how this could help us address the skills gap.

Modern slavery is closer than you think

Modern slavery is all around us and covers a wide range of abuse. Anyone could be a victim, often without realising. We must all take steps to prevent modern slavery in our own organisations and our supply chains. Watch now to explore types and signs of modern slavery, legislation, and available resources.

What it means to me to be a leader

After nearly 50 years working in the security sector, and running his own businesses for the past 25, SASIG’s Founder describes what it means to him to be a leader. Discover the qualities Martin respects in a leader and holds most dear, what he has learned from others, and what he has taught himself.

All Call Signs – Why suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility

Please watch this very important session about supporting those in crisis, where we will learn about the All Call Signs peer support network and its work, common roadblocks faced by those wishing to support others, the principles of good mental health, and why we should all help prevent suicide and support recovery.

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