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Best practice in raising cybersecurity awareness across large organisations

Despite the vast sums of money spent, IT systems and networks at all levels and within most organisations remain inherently vulnerable to even the most basic of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This is because for so long now we have focused almost entirely on the technical firewall. But rarely have we attended in any meaningful way to the human firewall. At this SASIG workshop, we showcase successful ways in which large organisations have engaged with their workforce and extended enterprise, raised awareness amongst their employees, customers and suppliers, and successfully influenced behaviour for the better.

Reaching the boardroom

Cybersecurity is often an afterthought in the boardroom, and it's easy to overlook security when everything is working. So we explore the best ways to communicate effectively with those on the board, and look at a common, core suite of meaningful metrics that can be adopted by any organisation to help you prove you're doing your job - even when you're not battling incidents.

What it means to me to be a leader

After nearly 50 years working in the security sector, and running his own businesses for the past 25, SASIG’s Founder describes what it means to him to be a leader. Discover the qualities Martin respects in a leader and holds most dear, what he has learned from others, and what he has taught himself.

The what, why and how of implementing a Zero Trust security model

The traditional method of enforcing security at the network perimeter is no longer effective; now is the time to implement the Zero Trust security model. Watch to discover the practical benefits of Zero Trust, the importance of asset management, and practical tips to start putting Zero Trust into practice.

Coronavirus – when will it go away?

Every time we think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when it seems the global pandemic has reached its peak and is on the wane, it produces another sting in its tail. A new variant, and new wave, a new impact upon economies, new scare stories and conspiracies, further protests… will it ever go away? In this webinar, SASIG went on another world tour to assess the state of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the cybersecurity industry. From North and South America to Singapore, from Europe to Australia, get an inside view of how nations are responding. See how the world economy is still trying to bounce back from the biggest pandemic in our lifetimes.

The Leadership Challenge – Learning the lessons from terrorist and cyber incidents

We are privileged to hear from NPCC’s National Cybercrime Programme Lead, Detective Chief Superintendent Andrew Gould, as he shares how he learned about effective crisis management and incident response through his policing career in counter-terrorism and cybercrime. Andrew has extensive experience of crisis management and leading major covert operations and investigations. He has led the police response to high-profile and large-scale terrorist attacks, including the terrorist attacks on the Algerian BP Gas Plant and Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013, and cyber attacks such as WannaCry in 2017, as well as many other less high-profile incidents and operations. Drawing on these experiences, Andrew talks about the lessons he has learned about effective crisis management and incident response with a particular focus on leadership resilience – lessons that are directly applicable to any organisation in any crisis.

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