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A CISO's vision of cloud security

Enhance your cloud security expertise with this insightful webinar on securing hybrid cloud environments in an increasingly connected world. We gave a high-level overview, discussed the differences between cloud environments, explored best practices for mitigating risks, and offered practical guidance.

Preparing for NIS2: Your journey to compliance

Watch now to explore key aspects of the EU's NIS2 Directive and its implications for organisations operating in the UK. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, are we prepared for the effects of NIS2? And is the government ready to adopt it here in the UK?

Educate your executives to own and drive cybersecurity

Engaging your C-Suite and getting them to actively participate in cybersecurity issues has been a challenge for decades. Watch now to learn how to educate your senior executives in a stimulating, self-driven way, so they become confident to get involved in unfamiliar and daunting topics (such as cybersecurity!).

Enterprise communications during a major cyber incident

Effective crisis communication is a challenge. There are multiple organisations to contact, various channels to use, and mandatory deadlines to factor in. We discuss how to balance compliance, security, and operations; as well as strategies and tools for efficient plans that minimise disruption.

A Security Odyssey: How we’re building a culture of security

Like many organisations, Computershare has been on a journey from compliance-based security to behaviour-based security awareness. Hear about their successes, struggles and solutions over the past three years, the benefits (both expected and unexpected), and what they hope to achieve next.

The Ministry of Defence has a female CISO? The chief’s brief with Christine Maxwell

In this webinar we heard how Christine leads defensive cyber strategy and capability development for the MoD, with responsibility for policy, awareness, behaviours, culture, and the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership. Learn about her extensive experience creating achievable cybersecurity strategies and working with Boards and executive groups in this exclusive interview.

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